Organizational Development

Build a resilient, responsive organizational structure and culture.

To be successful, businesses and nonprofits must build strong, resilient structures and processes that can respond to conditions today and in the future. We employ a systems approach to assess and clarify internal roles, and to help managers learn and implement management practices that shape a positive, engaged and responsive culture aligned with your organization’s goals and values.

Depending upon your needs, we can work together to:

  • Conduct organizational assessments
  • Develop boards and governance processes
  • Assess business or nonprofit strategies
  • Align staffing structure and roles with strategic goals and resources
  • Facilitate analyses and processes to shape workplace culture
  • Conduct conflict assessments
  • Teach management, communication, or conflict resolution skills

Stephanie Lahar & Associates addresses and manages change in a creative, forward-looking way that builds confident leadership and helps your organization thrive.