Leadership Coaching

Choose a coach who inspires you, challenges you, and helps you grow.

Good coaching is more complicated than setting goals and giving a pep talk. In human development, cycles of growth inevitably lead to challenges in both interpersonal relationships and organizational systems. The work requires courage, endurance, and patience. And a good coach can make all the difference.

Our primary coach, Stephanie Lahar, offers guidance that is both practical and deeply rooted in her experience in helping leaders grow. She has taught counseling psychology at the college level and worked professionally as a counselor. She has managed and developed employees in her work as a college administrator, and served in board and civic leadership roles.

In her coaching work, Stephanie draws on broad knowledge of models and organizational system to help business and nonprofit leaders:

  • Find an inspiring vision that serves as a personal compass
  • Assess personal and organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Articulate meaningful and achievable goals
  • Develop and carry out a leadership development plan
  • Build self-management skills, including relationships and task and time management
  • Analyze and solve problems
  • Become more skillful at motivating others and building a team

In leadership coaching situations, a good match is critical. Should you desire a different skillset or coaching style, we can also work to match you with another skilled coach who better suits your needs.