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Stephanie Lahar
& Associates

Helping conscientious leaders build organizations that bring something extraordinary to the world.

We design and facilitate meetings and planning processes, public conversations, and learning events that invite people to think creatively about complex issues, solve problems, and prepare for the future.

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Strategic Planning

It takes a balance of art and science to imagine what doesn’t yet exist, set clear goals and detail practical road maps.

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Organizational Development

Understanding how internal and external systems work is the key to building a responsive, resilient organization.

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Participatory, interactive training based in the best research on adult learning helps people develop new and higher level skills they can use.

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Leadership Coaching

Professional effectiveness grows out of pushing personal edges of learning and development.

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Stephanie Lahar

Stephanie Lahar

Stephanie brings 30 years’ experience as a consultant, educator, and college administrator to helping people and organizations achieve their goals.

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